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Due to your amazing grace and generosity, the appeal has raised over £70,000 for New Nation School in Accra (Ghana).

Original Appeal Video

New Nation School was started in 2004 to provide good quality education for children of every tribe and nation in an environment of faith, hope and love. It was housed in City of God Church premises but, as the number of children has increased to 500, it became necessary to purchase more land. A dedicated two-storey classroom block is now being built to house the older students, with facilities for private study, practical science activities and ICT. The ground floor has been completed and the upper storey now started.

The school receives no outside funding from the government or local authority. Staff salaries and all running costs have to be met from income generated through tuition fees paid by the students. Tuition fees have been kept as low as possible to ensure that the education is accessible to as many as possible. Infrastructure development costs cannot be entirely covered by the existing income.

The Christmas appeal gift was used to finance the completion of the upper storey of the new block and enhance the lives of everyone connected with this great school.

John Kpikpi, senior pastor of City of God Church, has written to say:

‘A fantastic help. Many thanks for your support. May our God bless you for your willingness to serve us all in this way.’

See more about New Nation School here: