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A Relational Mission Conference



A Relational Mission Conference

Find out more about our Courage Conference and where God is leading us in the next season...

Main Sessions & Seminars 

The videos and audio recordings of all the main sessions at Courage (Together, Leadership and Sent) are now available, as are audio recordings of all the seminars in both streams.


God has given us exciting dreams for this next season: 20,000 people praying, leaders raised up, and churches planted into every nation of Europe. At the Courage conference our family invested £116,000 into making these dreams a reality.

The offering is now closed, and we will update you on the final total in due course.

What did God Say to us at the Conference?

Catch a flavour of what God has been speaking to us about at the Courage Conference for the season ahead.

Latest News



keep up with and help us spread the key messages from the conference


keep up with and help us spread the key messages from the conference

Video & Audio from the Conference

Catch up with the audio from the the conference below. 

Main sessions

Seminars: Leadership stream

Seminars: Sent stream



Promote & Share

We would love as many as people as possible to make it to our Courage conference and connect with the messages coming out of it, so it would be great if you could help us publicise and share about the conference in your churches / on social media.

We have produced a few resources to help you...

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Acts of Courage

Acts of Courage

What are acts of courage?

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Officially the noun for this is a ‘heroic achievement’. Heroism, gallantry, chivalry and knightly are words that follow that definition. These are all great words but what does it really mean to ‘do’ an act of courage in real, everyday life?

We’ve got great news, for those of you discounting yourselves because you don’t have an iron suit. For this mission we just need you, walking through life, where you are.

All you need to do is to listen out for God.

Don’t discount yourself again! We’re all on a journey, so if you’ve never listened for or heard from God before then that’s your starting block. You’re all set right? The next bit is the act of courage bit.

What do you do when you hear that whisper or that inner voice, when you feel that nudge or that thumping heart? Stepping out, speaking up, praying, acting, whatever you do next, that takes courage, that right there is your act of courage. Speaking to a stranger, offering to pray for a friend, giving someone a seemingly random but God prompted gift.

In early 2019 we will be launching our Acts of Courage initiative.

We want to see people across our family being released into all that God has for them. Individuals growing in courage; listening, stepping out, growing in faith. Through this, like a pebble dropped into a calm pond, the ripples touch, move and inspire those around. The ripples impact, speak to and encourage the community around us.

Our initial milestone is 1,000 acts of courage across our family of churches…but will you join us so that our acts become too many to count?

Look out for more information in 2019, in the meantime, we would love to starting hearing about your #actsofcourage #rmcourage

For more information contact Bev Willis


Courage Offering

Thank you for your partnership

Courage Offering

Thank you for your partnership


On 30 May - 2 June 2018, we gathered as a family of churches for our Courage conference. This time together was an important milestone in our history. Dreams were be born and commitments were be made to attempt bigger things, to be bolder and more courageous. We believe that ripples will go out from here to the uttermost parts of the earth.

We believe God wants to strengthen and extend our work across the board, in encouraging and supporting our family, in empowering the poor, in sharing the gospel with our neighbours and the nations...

God has given us exciting dreams for this next season: 20,000 people praying, leaders raised up, and churches planted into every nation of Europe. See the 'How will the offering be used?' section for more details.

During the conference our family invested £116,000 (nearly €130,000) into making these dreams a reality. Thank you for partnering with us and investing in this vision.

The offering is now closed, and we will update you on the final total, and stories of how the money is being used, in due course. Thank you for your generosity.


How will the offering be used?

  • Taking ENOUGH (prayer nights) to the next level and seeing 20,000 people praying globally together, at the same time, for breakthrough. This requires investment in resources, infrastructure and co-ordination.
  • Releasing Maurice Nightingale to focus his efforts on stimulating pioneering activity on the mainland of Europe. We feel this is a key next stage in seeing the Hanseatic League and Eurostar and similar prophecies fulfilled.
  • Supporting specific pioneering projects looking to reach unreached people groups and new nations. 
  • Strengthening our family presence in London and releasing Stef Liston to provoke and help our family develop in the UK and beyond.
  • Stepping up our investment in our next generation of leaders and Ephesians 4 ministries. This requires intentional development and gathering points and is a key focus for Mike Betts.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the care and support amongst our family. To make all the above happen requires others to be released, some of whom will require financial support.
  • Sharpening our media and communications to keep our family informed and encouraged across the globe. This requires new media, translation and an international focus.
  • Continuing to stimulate activity on the ground in terms of social action and empowering the poor.

Need some further information?

All the information and resources you need should be outlined on these pages.

If you have any questions or queries then please contact Alison Sutton.