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To help you to go deeper and wider in seeking God's Kingdom expansion through remembering the poor, we have created the following lists from resources that the PfP team have found useful in their journey so far.

It covers recommended: Books, Listening, Browsing & Documents



The first book on our list is the newest one that we highly recommend that everyone should be reading - not just the social activists! (UK focus)

> A Church for the Poor - published Summer 2017 by our good friends at Jubilee+ Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams.           

The other book well worth everyone reading is Mike Betts book which includes a chapter entitled A Church for a Broken World:

> Relational Mission - A Way of LIfe - Mike Betts

Other great reads in relation to Social Justice are:

> Toxic Charity - Rubert Lupton                                      

> Charity Detox - Robert Lupton

> Generous Justice - Tim Keller

> Embracing the Poor - David Adams (Editor)

> The church that never sleeps - Matthew Burnett   

> The cause within you - Matthew Burnett

On the subject of Leading Volunteers

> Volunteer Revolution - Bill Hybels

Recommendations from Mike - Let's not forget that we stand on the shoulders of giants of faith and social reformers who have gone before us: 

> William Booth - In Darkest England, and the Way Out - Charting the growth and philosophy of the early Salvation Army

> Biography of William Wilberforce - the tireless anti slavery campaigner and Parliamentarian.

> The history of the Clapham Sect will give you a wider look at the anti slavery movement that Wilberforce was part of.

> Social reformers who were motivated by their faith and couldn't walk by on the other side include: George Muller and Shaftesbury



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Links to some great talks and videos that will hopefully stimulate and inspire you to get more involved in your local community,  demonstrating God's heart for the poor to the broken world around us.

See Simon Pettit's Newfrontiers foundational preach 'Remember the Poor' delivered at the Brighton Leaders Conference November 1998.

A collection of video interviews by Nigel Ring many of which focus on aspects of working with the poor in our local communities.

Jubilee+ conference main talks and seminars from City Church Cambridge on 28th October 2017 are now available to listen to. Topics include: The elderly, Churches in deprived communities, addictions, refugees and asylum seekers. Leadership challenges in building a church for the poor.


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How and why to engage in your community:

  • Jubilee+ website is a gold mine of information about all things social action, social justice and social enterprise.
  • Cinnamon Network has lots of short videos about community franchise opportunities to get you thinking about what God might be calling you to do in your local community.
  • If you want to find out about helping people with debt and money issues check out CMA - Community Money Advice and CAP - Christians against Poverty.
  • Trussell Trust is the most well known of the food bank providers with a network of over 400 foodbanks across the UK. 

Running your charity:

  • Check out the Charity Commission for advice and best practice to stay legal when setting up or running a charity.

Funding your activities:

  • Looking for funding or want to find out more about the options available - NVCO have created some good information here.
  • For help with finding funding register for free with Funding Central.

Blogs and websites that will keep you informed and inspired:

  • Nigel Ring - Feeding 5000 is no picnic click on to find the wealth of knowledge and experience Nigel has shared with us.
  • Word on the Streets - Information for transformational people - a really useful and wide reaching resource full of information, research and thinking, compiled by Geoff Knott, that will help you to really make a difference in your local community. Sign up for regular updates.

USEFUL DOCUMENTS created by Pathways from Poverty

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  • The original Pathways from Poverty Development Report, reviewing where we were at, where we wanted to get to, what was getting in our way and how we plan to move forward in our work with local communities.


Please do get in touch with Julia Miller if you want any further help with engaging in your community or any aspects of empowering people.