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We live in a broken and hurting world, a world characterised by a climate of fear. The Church is called to serve that broken world, but in such a climate God’s people can also become fearful and try to hide in the shadows.

David faced similar circumstances in his day, yet when everyone around him stepped back in fear, David stepped forward, confident of who God was and what he had been called to do.

David had lived his life out of sight until this point, yet what he had learned of God prepared him for the moment when he was called to make an impact in his nation. 

David showed true COURAGE.

God has prophetically encouraged us as a family to raise our expectations and take giant steps forward. He has promised to 'enlarge our tents', an enlargement that will see us change nations and bring Kingdom impact to different continents and cultures across the world. He has asked us to plant Kingdom seeds in spiritually barren land. This will require COURAGE.

In May 2018, we are calling on our family to gather, to join hands across the generations and explore what it means to be courageous as a family and as individuals. To stand up and step out to face the challenge our broken world has laid before us.

COURAGE is expressed through faith in God’s promises and in his power to fulfil them, and through action to play our part. David embraced this and defeated the giants of his day, imagine what we can do in ours.

Let us take COURAGE together and step into new adventures.

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