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The Gathering - an opportunity for us to gather, worship, pray and outwork together the next stages of our journey to be a courageous family.

This term our theme will be Courage in Multiplication - how do I replicate what I have learnt in someone else?

Daniel Goodman will be speaking, and we will have the usual news and information slots, input from other speakers, and of course plenty of time for worship, prayer and fellowship.

If you book in from The Netherlands or Germany, we hope to be able to provide a dedicated table to enable you to participate in the learning community in your own language - this is dependent on numbers from those countries booking in.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a change of date from what was originally advertised. Please make sure you’ve got the correct date in your diary!

To learn more about the philosophy behind The Gathering, and why Mike Betts thinks you should be there, read this article on our blog.


Wednesday: 10:00 -19:45 (including evening meal)
Thursday: 09:30-15:30

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Relational Mission relies on registration fees from delegates who book to maintain and sustain its events programme. Last minute cancellations and refunds can have a significant impact where we are already committed to an event and the associated expenditure.

Consequently, we've drawn up the following policy with regard to cancellations and refunds. Read the policy here.