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ID: Intentional Discipleship is Relational Mission’s discipleship year for anyone 18+ who is looking to grow in their faith, go on an adventure and get solid gospel foundations in place. Over the course of the year ‘IDers’ get excellent biblical and theological training, receive teaching that spurs them into maturity and personal development, and have several exciting missional opportunities both in the UK and abroad.

However, it is the church placement that is the true heart of the ID year. Through serving in the local church, taking on responsibility there, and opening up their lives to caring leaders, IDers get to apply and work out all that they are learning and grow. We therefore want to open up an ongoing conversation across churches participating in ID about how we can continue to shape the local church experience and make it as fruitful as it can be.

To that end, we we are hosting a day of training at City Church Cambridge on Tuesday, 15th October for those who are signed up to supervise ID students in the coming year, and we are also encouraging churches that hope to have an ID intern in the next few years to send along a delegate. Over the course of the day Matt Fell (who leads ID) will teach into the subject of discipleship generally and look at the particular discipleship challenges that the current 18-30 generation face. We’ll explore how churches can meet these challenges and specifically how the ID placement can. We’ll be sharing ID stories from across RM churches and helping you to consider what an excellent ID placement could look like in your context.

We encourage each church hosting an IDer to provide them with both a supervisor and a discipler/mentor. The supervisor is normally someone who works for the church and who will oversee the IDer’s work load and practical arrangements, whilst the discipler/mentor figure is usually an older Christian of the same sex who opens up their life to the IDer and helps them personally grow over the course of the year. This day is primarily tailored to supervisors but the day will also equip and bless ID disciplers too.

Please visit our event page for details and to book in before 27 September.

Cost: £7.50 including lunch and refreshments