A little bit about who we are and what we value



A little bit about who we are and what we value

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We are growing family of churches from different countries, led by Mike Betts.

We are committed to seeing lives and communities transformed by the grace of God all over the world. We seek to do this by recreating New Testament church life for our day; equipping every believer to be a witness to Jesus, training the next generation of leaders, starting new churches and empowering the church to meet the needs of a broken world. We highly value genuine friendships and corporate prayer as essential to fulfilling our shared mission.” 

We are part of Newfrontiers, a group of apostolic leaders, together with their teams and churches, united on global mission and by core values and genuine relationships. 

We are Relational Mission.


The following will give you a good overview of what is important to us and where we are heading. For a more in depth insight read the book, Relational Mission: A way of life

A real family

We believe that through Jesus Christ, God the Father has adopted us into His worldwide family. He has given us to each other to be family. We seek to do life together and encourage each other to serve Christ on mission together. The journey is more fun when it's shared with friends.

Raising sons and daughters

We believe that only by multiplying apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers will we fulfil the great commission and bring maturity both to individuals and churches. It is vital that we train the next generation of leaders; men and women who will equip, encourage and empower the church to know its identity and fulfil its calling. 

Everyone a Witness

We believe that Jesus committed to his followers the task of making disciples in all nations. By training people to show the gospel through words (sharing the gospel), works (acts of service) and wonders (healings & miracles) we seek to mobilise everyone to be a witness to Jesus wherever they are. 

The prayers of many

We believe we cannot do what God has called us to do without God helping us to do it. We are committed to praying together to put our hope in the sufficiency of God and to call on Him to change problems far too big for us to solve without His help. 


A church for a broken world

We believe that in a world that reveals its brokenness in many different ways it desperately needs the church to bring and be good news. By caring for the poor and generously engaging with the needs of society we seek the transformation of lives and communities that only the Gospel can produce. 

Starting new families

We believe the local church is the hope of the world and that every community needs a church that displays the fullness of church life as described in the New Testament. We are committed to starting churches in every nation of Europe and throughout the world. 

A compass but no map

We believe that God has given us a compass and not a map. When the Father speaks, we want to obey and walk by faith and not by sight. We're ordinary people serving an incredible God who has done extraordinary things.




Contact James Taylor if you would like to find out more about our family.



Serving our family


Serving our family

Who leads OUR FAMILY?

Mike Betts leads the Relational Mission family of churches.

He is an inspirational speaker with a desire to raise up many spiritual sons and daughters to be all they can be in God. He has authored From the Inside out: A Grace-Filled Life and Relational Mission: A way of life

Mike is married to Sue and they have a married son. Mike and Sue were born and brought up in Lowestoft, UK.

Mike is part of the eldership team at Lowestoft Community Church. In his spare time Mike is a keen fly fisherman, jazz fan and Norwich City supporter. Sue enjoys making crafts and browsing antiques and collectors fairs. 

Keep up to date with Mike through:







Mike is supported by a number of amazing men and women who help to facilitate everything that goes on.

We are grateful to so many of our churches who release people to serve on Mike’s behalf in a variety of roles for the benefit of the whole family. There are around 40-50 people serving in this way, some of whom are released financially by Relational Mission, but the majority of whom work on a voluntary basis.

As a family we work in a collaborative way, with a number of people serving across different areas. For the purposes of communication, we can group these as follows:

Strategy team

Help navigate the journey and maintain momentum and cohesion across the family. 

Core team

Help set the course, direction for our movement as well as our family culture.

Delegated ministry teams

Serve our family and friends in a variety of ways including: 

  • Evangelism (#everyoneawitness)
  • Prophetic ministry
  • Apostolic development
  • Pastoral care for churches and leaders
  • Pioneering (church planting)
  • Charity administration, finance and governance.
  • Worship ministry
  • Prayer (Enough)
  • Children's ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • 18-30s (Sent)
  • Training 
  • Events and media
  • Business
  • Empowering the poor (Pathways from Poverty)


You can find out more about these teams and how they can help you throughout this website.


Contact James Taylor if you would like to find out more about Mike and the teams serving our family.