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Your regular giving helps us plan and steward our resources effectively

Financial giving is a bit like prayer. There are times when we come together for a special big push - like ENOUGH - but those times are sustained and underpinned by the regular discipline of prayer for ourselves, our families and our churches. Similarly with finances - we have our big projects that we come together to support, but all our family’s work is underpinned by a faithful community of regular givers who commit a small amount of money every month. Would you join that community?


We are looking for 1,000 people to partner with us through the Grassroots Giving campaign, each giving the equivalent of £5, €5 or $5 each month, to enable us to reach an initial target of an additional £60,000 per year. We are aiming to reach this position by the end of 2020.

Your investment will go towards support the core ‘engine room’ of Relational Mission activity that will facilitate:

  • Supporting our brothers and sisters in pioneering situations

  • Breaking new ground and pioneering new churches across the world

  • Raising up and equipping the next generation by making training initiatives as accessible as possible

  • Caring for our established churches by supporting them with ministries to build up and encourage

  • Kick starting and developing new initiatives and resources to help us to reach our broken world.


We would love to make sure that all of our partners are part of a wider community and are fully aware of what is going on across our family of churches. As a member of the Grassroots Giving community you will receive:

  • Regular updates from Mike, Maurice and Stef on how your donation is helping us achieve our family vision.

  • Exclusive discounts on selected RM events & resources so you can be a part of things we are doing together as a family.

  • LIMITED TIME: Sign up before the next ENOUGH prayer night (15 November 2019) to receive a complementary copy of Mike’s new book – Prayers of Many.

    Please note: you will need to tick the option to join the mailing list when you sign up so we can send you these offers.

Why ‘Grassroots Giving’?

God has spoken to us prophetically:

‘The money and riches you will administer will not come from the princes and the rulers of the land, the riches entrusted to you are coming from underground; from people who have passion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, but little earthly wealth. However, the little they have they will entrust to you to use on their behalf, as their hearts so desperately want to see the good that will come from its use.’

This very much speaks about giving coming from the grassroots: those faithfully attending and serving our churches each week. 

We would love you to join this community of Grassroots Givers, investing with us in the mission God has ahead for us.


At the end of 2018, we were approaching 200 people signed up (20% of our target) giving collectively just over £25,000pa (40% of our target)  A huge thank you to all of these people! However there is still a significant journey ahead until we reach our target, so please join with us.

Important Note

Many of our family of churches financially support Relational Mission with regular giving, for which we are very thankful.

Contributing to this campaign should not be at the expense of your commitment to give to your local church. In inviting you to join our Grassroots Giving campaign, we are asking you to consider making a contribution over and above your current investment in the kingdom of God.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about giving to Relational Mission, please contact Alison