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Leadership Conference

‘Leadership is about ordinary people trusting God to help them do extraordinary things.'

Mike Betts writes ...

We’re very thankful for all that God’s done amongst us as a family of churches in the past, but now it's time to seize the day and look to the future! With God opening up so many opportunities ahead of us, we need to raise up many more men and women into leadership. It's one of the reasons I feel the Leadership Conference is so important. At the conference we take a fresh look at our values, to help those who are coming fresh into leadership to understand and answer questions such as:

  • What is it that we’re trying to build together?

  • What should it look like?

  • What is important to us?

Who's it for?

The Leadership Conference is for anyone in a leadership role within their local church or workplace, and for those who are exploring leadership with their local eldership, e.g. elders, those leading church plants, small group leaders, children's and youth work leaders, ministry leaders, community champions, workplace managers. If you're interested in attending, please discuss this with your church elders prior to booking. Whilst this conference is predominantly for those in Relational Mission churches, we're pleased to welcome those looking to connect with Relational Mission.

Previous Conferences


Contact Annice Green if you would like to find out more about future leadership conferences.