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The church plant in Gdańsk, Poland is a growing group of friends and it is a joy and privilege for myself and Emma and our family to call this community home. We have been meeting together as a church family for just over two years and this last year has seen some wonderful growth in all areas.

We are a dual language church, operating in English and Polish, and most of our community are native Polish. There is a strong sense of family and friendship among us and it has been great to see this develop over the last year. We meet regularly as friends to worship, learn together from the Bible, give our money, enjoy communion and eat and pray together. This last year has been very fruitful for us:)

We began meeting weekly in September 2016 and over the course of our 39 Sunday meetings during the last year, we have seen 32 guests and friends among us. We have catered for around 800 people during the year (we always have food as part of our weekly meetings) and we have grown by 25% as a community with the wonderful addition of a great family. We have seen one girl saved (just a few weeks ago now in June) and this has been a great source of encouragement to us all. God has been faithful and our times together are life-giving and full of the Holy Spirit.

As a community, our vision is to demonstrate Jesus in the fullness of His freedom to one-another and to those around us. There is much religion in Poland, but very little Christ-centered freedom. We feel called to change this.

How to pray 

  • for our friend Natalia who recently came to know Christ

  • for us to clearly hear God with regard to all that lies ahead for us

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