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Four years ago the Jones family moved from The City Church Canterbury to Helsinki, 2 years later they were joined by the Morrisons, also from Canterbury. We now gather as a community on Sundays in central Helsinki.   Our church plant is made up of families, couples and single people who live and work in and around the Helsinki area. We prize being together and are so grateful to God for the people He has gathered to us. We are intentionally seeking to be in one another's lives, as an authentic community of believers who love, honour and spur one another on in Christ Jesus, taking hold of all that He has won for each of us. We are a people hungry for the presence of God in our individual lives and when we meet together as a whole. We want God's love to overwhelm and saturate our times of worship whenever and wherever we praise Him. We believe God has gathered us here for a significant purpose, the long dark arctic winters take their toll on all here in Finland and we want to share with others the beauty and wonder of knowing Jesus, the Light of the World.

How to pray

  • To see greater impact at making disciples and to be a blessing to the city of Helsinki
  • We received a prophetic word about being known in the city for worship and the presence of God. Please pray this into fruition.
  • For fruitfulness as we take a proactive step towards mission in the city. This autumn we are starting to run a language class and our new small group which will be more outward focused and meeting in cafes and bars around the city of Helsinki.