We are looking forward to our next Prayer & Equipping Event in September and would love for you to be there with us. Here are some key notes about it!

Bill Norton
We are excited to announce that Bill Norton will be joining us. That may not be a name that is familiar to you, but Bill is someone who Mike Betts has a developing relationship with. Bill also worked closely with Keith Hazell. 

You may be thinking; what happened to the E+E=C equation that we are working through at our 2017 Prayer & Equipping events? Well sometimes we just have to make a change!

We have been working with Bill for some time now to see if his schedule and our events would match up at some point and guess what? In September, they do and he is able to be with us, hence the programme change.

It's also worth pointing out that the 'C' element is far from being left out - we have our Pioneer Conference in October, which specifically focuses on church planting. 

Mike Betts says; "Bill carries an impartational ability to ignite corporate prayer - this is something that is 'caught not taught.' I trust that this will add weight to our E+E. If ENOUGH is the entry point level of corporate prayer, Bill will help us with 'more than ENOUGH'"

Do you like to pray?
There may be people in your churches who simply LOVE to pray. They may not be ministry leaders or Elders, but we would love to invite them to this event. So please feel very free to bring those with you who have a particular grace on them to pray and intercede.

Evening Meal
The good news is that we are delighted to be able to offer a meal together on the Wednesday evening. The even better news is that we will be including it in the normal ticket price, so it won't cost you any extra dosh.

Booking in
Booking is now open! As this is a two day event, we encourage you to book in for the whole thing at a bargain price of £35. If you really really can't make it for two, there is a one day ticket option at £20. Both options include refreshments and lunch. You will need to find your own accommodation but there are plenty of nearby hotels to choose from - usually the earlier you book, the cheaper it is! 

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with Annice (annice@relationalmission.com)