We are excited to announce that booking for our next big family conference is now open!


As a family of churches God has challenged us to be a courageous people. Over the last couple of years we have explored what it means to take courage in our lives, in our churches and as a movement. God has been preparing us.

He has given us a bold and courageous vision to be globally fruitful, to cross all the boundaries laid before us, making disciples and planting locally led churches.

The achievement of such a global vision can only be achieved by God, YET he chooses to fulfil his redemptive work through us. He calls to each of us, “Come, follow me…” (Matt 19:21). It’s a call that involves relationship and mission - we are called first to relationship with him, but that relationship finds its fulfillment in action, in following wherever he leads.

The Call

We are calling The Call a ‘Missions and Leadership’ conference, and opening it up to all those who were invited to the Courage conference plus those who don’t necessarily consider themselves leaders (either in the church, the workplace or the community), but who know God has got a call on their lives and are wanting to step up, step forward and answer that call.

When, where, how much?

You can find the answers to these and all your other questions on our dedicated The Call web pages, but briefly:


27-30 May 2020
Friends House, London, UK
Earlybird tickets start at just £100 for SENT delegates (students and 20s) and £125 for everyone else.

This will be a a strategically significant conference for our family of churches that will be a launch pad to us achieving the BIG vision God has laid before us. So don’t wait…