Peterborough is one of the fastest growing cities in the surroundings of London. It's uniquely centrally located and the point of connection for many train lines. It has an estimate of just under 200,000 inhabitants and has a real mixture of cultures and people groups. It has many commuters who travel in to London and Cambridge and a thriving local economy. 

Life Church is a dynamic, multicultural church with an average attendance of just over 200 people. Thirty percent of the church is made up of under 18's and we have thriving children's and youth groups for all ages. We have groups working with a wide range of ages from our 50+ community cafe, to mums and toddlers group, from debt advice to a whole flurry of activities for children and youth. 

Interns can be focussed on different areas; children, youth, the elderly, music/worship, evangelism, social action, communications and media, drama and arts.
Practically, you would be responsible for paying your own ID course fees, but we can support you in other ways. We provide free or cheap accommodation through placements with church families and we will cover travel to/from the ID training weeks and your books for the ID study programme.

Interested? Contact the church or apply now.


Why be an ID intern?

ID is a year-long church internship program designed to help you walk with Jesus into the adventures that he has for you. Over the course of the year you'll be immersed in the life and mission of a local church, where you can serve in a wide variety of exciting ministries and be lovingly discipled. We also expose you to exciting missional opportunities with Relational Mission churches in the UK and Europe.

We want to intentionally disciple you. To help you grow in knowledge and passion for God, to learn you are you, and how you can live and speak for Jesus in every area of life.

Why host or send an ID intern?

Our hope is that ID not only blesses the individual interns but also the churches that host and send them. Having an ‘IDer’ in your church who is well invested in and given opportunities to serve and step out demonstrates a commitment to investing in individuals.

Likewise, sending folks on ID shows that as a church you are committed to Christ’s commission and value the apostolic as much as the local.

So, who could you send onto the course? Could your church offer someone a placement?

Who is it for?

Anyone aged 18+ who is able to take a year out and who wants to grow in their faith.

ID can be a wonderful opportunity for college/school leavers to get a solid foundation of theology and character before heading to the work place or off to university. Likewise for those finishing university considering what to do next. We have also had a good number of men and women in their twenties and thirties take career breaks in order to do the course. We haven't yet had anyone in retirement come onto the course, but we’re open to that!

I'm in! How do I apply?

The application process can be found on the ID webpage. Applicants complete an online form which comes through to the ID team who then contact the sending church to discuss the applicant and the placement options available.

Or you can contact Matt Fell directly to ask any questions and to find out more.