As you know, God has put a dream on our hearts to pioneer into Liverpool, UK.

Stef Liston and a few others have spent some time in the city, walking, talking and praying together about it, and Stef has had an encouraging visit with leaders from other church streams in the city. (Learn more here.)

At ENOUGH in March 2019 Stef gave us more information and asked us to pray for those considering moving there and pioneering into the area.

Liverpool has more museums and galleries than any other city in the UK outside of London, and it is known as the city of pop, due in part to the fact that the Beatles came from there.

Please pray for:

  1. The Liverpool Day in London on 11 May 2019 pray for a good turn out, and if you’ve got any interest at all, please come along.
    NB: Please sign up if you are interested (so they have an accurate indication of how many people to provide lunch for).

  2. That God would stir someone’s heart to be the point leader for the church plant.

  3. That God would be stirring people across our family of churches and wider to come and be a part of this.

Thank you.