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Relational MIssion Sundays


Relational MIssion Sundays

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It's good to know we're part of something bigger. It's good to be part of a family.


We know you'd like to communicate more to your church about what it means to be part of the Relational Mission family, but could do with some resources to help. We hope this the ENOUGH extraordinary nights of prayer are helping us all to get caught up in a bigger vision, as we pray together, interceding for our family of churches and the nations. And here's another chance to get hold of that bigger vision.

We'd like to commend to you the idea of a Relational Mission Sunday, to help everyone in our churches start to see how being part of the Relational Mission family means being part of something bigger.

What does it involve?

A Relational Mission Sunday is really about giving over one Sunday service during the year, to explore the Relational Mission vision and values, and see what's happening across the wider Relational Mission family.

For some, this kind of Sunday may be happening already, but for others this may be something new. Either way, the aim is to provide each of our churches with resources that can be used on a Sunday to help everyone understand and engage with the apostolic agenda.

We hope this will become a part of our annual cycle of activity across Relational Mission. We hope, too, that it will help everyone in our churches catch hold of what being part of the Relational Mission family is all about.

Any questions?

If we can help further, please get in touch with James, who is looking after this for us.



What are we focusing on for 2017?


What are we focusing on for 2017?


At at our Leadership Conference in June '16 we unpacked a key theme for us in the next season - #everyoneawitness

Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to empower each and every one of us to be witnesses. He commissioned us to share the truth of the gospel throughout the world, starting with where we are right now. We believe Jesus’ purpose for us is as important today as it was for the disciples in the early church. To be witnesses in all we say and do, whether by words, works or wonders, is a natural outworking of being a spirit-filled people.

We would love this to be a theme of your next RM Sunday, which you and your church can explore and outwork together. Find out more about #everyoneawitness HERE

Need help in working this through?

Contact Carl Maidment and he will help you explore how this could worked out on a Sunday morning and in the day to day lives of your congregation.

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What resources are available to help?


What resources are available to help?


  • Preach: Mike Betts explains and challenges us about #everyoneawitness. How about play this on a Sunday

  • Words, Works & Wonders Videos: We have produced a series of short videos which explain about words, works and wonders. One of them is shown below, the series can be found and downloaded HERE

  • Words, Works & Wonders Postcards: Download a copy of our #everyoneawitness postcards. Tell us here if you'd like printed copies of these postcards and we will see how we can help you.

  • #everyoneawitness banner: If you would like to produce your own #everyoneawitness banner, then get in touch with us here and we can see how we can help you.

  • #everyoneawitness artwork: If you would like to use the #everyoneawitness artwork, tell us here and we can see how we can help you.



We are Relational Mission

  • Book: Mike has written the book Relational Mission - A Way of Life, which explores and unpacks what it means to be a part of Relational Mission. Why not order a few boxes for your church! Find out more HERE

  • Video: Mike Betts and others from across our churches outline what it means to be part of Relational Mission, We are Relational Mission:

  • Leaflet: Download a copy of our We are Relational Mission brochure, giving a flavour of the Relational Mission family; the journey ahead; and how people can get involved. Tell us here if you'd like printed copies of this leaflet.

  • PowerPoint and branding files: Templates to be used as a visual backdrop or for you to produce own materials:


Here are some suggestions for other elements to incorporate into your Relational Mission Sunday:

  • Speakers: Invite a speaker from another Relational Mission church to preach and to share what is going on in their locality.
  • Testimony: Make space for testimonies from those in your church who are involved with serving other churches or perhaps looking to church plant, etc.
  • Video link ups: Connect live with a church plant on your Relational Mission Sunday to hear more of what's happening in their situation and then pray for them.
  • Pray: How about using some of the ENOUGH video resources HERE.
  • Other resources: Alongside those mentioned, there are a number of other resources available online that you could use. For example:
    • videos about training, the next generation, pioneering and Pathways from Poverty can be found on Vimeo here.
    • images from some of our events can be found on Flickr here.
  • Giving: It would be great if you were able to include an offering component as a part of your Relational Mission Sunday, to support our ongoing mission together. If you don't feel this would be appropriate, perhaps you might encourage people to consider supporting our Grassroots Giving campaign.

Specific details about giving to Relational Mission can be found HERE.


Initially the resources provided will be produced in English. If you would like to get involved but really need the resources translated into another language, please get in touch and we can work this through with you. It may mean that your Relational Mission Sunday will need to take place a little later, but this is fine.