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our Vision

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Our vision is to be globally fruitful, crossing all boundaries to reach the nations, make disciples and plant locally-led churches.

Will you stand with us and embrace this call?



We believe God has said that we can expect to achieve more in 20 years than many have in 50. Imagine us…

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Establishing 5 multiplying churches in each continent of the world by 2030

[Global 5:30]

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Stimulating a fresh wave of church planting into UK cities, towns and villages: 100 by 2040

[UK 100:40]

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Planting 20 churches in each of the other 50 European nations by 2050

[Europe 20:50]

Our Investment:

We believe we need to raise an additional £300,000+ (€350,000) by the end of 2020 to enable us to take our next steps towards this vision. Will you get involved and support our mission together?


we will aim to achieve our vision through...

we will aim to achieve our vision through...

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Building church as family in order to sustain and nourish long-term mission


Pioneering into new territory, resisting the urge to settle


Coordinating urgent and ever-increasing large scale corporate prayer for Kingdom advance

[Prayers of Many]

Mobilising every church member to be a dynamic witness of Christ through words, works and wonders

[Everyone a Witness]

Empowering the poor and equipping the Church in every arena of life

[Church for Broken World]

Nurturing men, women and future generations into their full inheritance in Christ

[Raising Sons and Daughters]

Inspiring all believers to listen to the Holy Spirit and then act courageously and obediently

[Compass No Map]

Relational Mission - A Way of Life

Find out more about these areas and about whats important to us as a family of churches by reading - Relational Mission - A Way of Life