May 2019 resources

Here are the recordings from The Gathering in May 2019. The theme was Courageous Multiplication of Disciples.

Unfortunately Mike Betts’ main session, on Heroes and Mentors, was not recorded, but you can read a summary blog of the core message on our blog.

November 2018 Resources

170 leaders from within RM churches gathered in Norwich. The focus was on having #courage in our character, building from this summer's COURAGE conference. 

We used the 'learning community' model used by the 3DM movement, as outlined in Mike Breen’s book ‘Building a Discipling Culture’. This meant we spent much of our time gathered around tables learning together and the talks were short and focused.

We were greatly encouraged by the growing culture of vulnerability and openness shown by everyone who attended. To protect the privacy of those who shared, testimonies have not been recorded.

See you at the next Gathering

The next event is Friday, November 29, 2019 – Saturday, November 30, 2019. This will be a retreat-style event, with lots of time for having fun together and building deeper relationships as a family. More details will be available soon on our Events page.

Linked resources

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