Staying Safe while Travelling for ReLational Mission

The security and risk process aims to manage risks for those living and working overseas on behalf of Relational Mission. We have a legal obligation to protect those representing us overseas no matter how short the trip or how safe the location is perceived to be.

Step 1

Is the ministry trip on behalf of your local church or on behalf of Relational Mission?

If it is on behalf of your local church then the local church is responsible for your trip including providing advice on insurance, risk, and covering costs. If you believe it is on behalf of Relational Mission go to Step 2.

Step 2

Have you gained approval from a member of the Apostolic Team?

To be a ministry trip on behalf of Relational Mission implies that the travel has been discussed and approved by the Apostolic Team. If this is the case then move on to Step 3

If not or if you are unsure, then approval needs to be gained before you go any further. Please email:

Step 3

How long are you travelling for?

Please choose one of the following options depending on the length and frequency of your trip:

Frequest Travel

SHORT-Term Travel


Frequent low risk travel


One off travel for 6 months or less

Long-Term Travel


Travel to a country for + 6 months