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In 2018, Relational Mission churches in the UK and mainland Europe were given the opportunity to submit proposals to be put forward for this year’s Christmas Appeal, that would see people empowered and lives transformed in their local communities. A number of churches took the opportunity and we have shortlisted five projects to be included in this year’s Pathways from Poverty Christmas appeal, that tackle key issues facing communities today.

All of these projects outlined focus on empowerment, not short term fixes and aim to provide sustainable and long lasting transformation in people’s lives, offering them an escape from the poverty and hopelessness they are trapped in.

Find out more about these projects below and how you can help transform lives today by giving generously.

Your giving will help…

RELEASE people from debt


Many people in our communities are unable to make ends meet and struggle to provide food for their families. Many turn to payday loans or other high cost credit as the only option to deal with unexpected expenses or benefit problems but quickly become overwhelmed by unmanageable, constantly increasing debt and the threat of debt collectors. The Community Money Advice (CMA) debt centres run by Life Money in Peterborough and King’s Money Advice Centre (KMAC) in Southend UK bring hope, by being able to relieve that stress, negotiating directly with creditors to agree a workable payment plan, that helps people to learn how to live within their means, giving people their life back and helping them to find hope for a brighter future.

EMPOWER those experiencing mental ill health and isolation


These are growing issues in Western society. All of the projects we are supporting through this appeal, work with people who experience varying levels of mental ill health and isolation. In the UK we are supporting The Choices Course at Kings Church Norwich, which aims to work with those trapped in long term unemployment, anxiety and depression. Empowering people with the skills they need to reduce the impact of long term negative attitudes, thinking and influences, bringing resilience for the future, enabling them to increase their confidence and self esteem, reduce depression and anxiety, and increase the chances of gaining employment or meaningful activity within their community, thus powerfully transform their lives for the better.

TRANSFORM broken families


Whether divorce or separation, dysfunction or ‘dad-lessness’ – Family breakdown is a major factor in the day to day lives of those living in poverty and has a profound impact on the life chances of the children it affects. The 180 project at Community Church Chafford Hundred are working with families to address some of these challenges in a holistic way. Empowering families through the one to one help and support of their family support worker, to find ways to work together to improve their situations, bringing long-lasting transformation by increasing independence and resilience within the family unit for the future.

OVERCOME prejudice so marginalised communities can be REACHED


In Nis, Serbia we will be supporting a project run by the Good News Church that is breaking down prejudice, and is working to see the excluded and marginalised Roma community integrated into Serbian society. These communities will be transformed as the extreme poverty and social isolation are tackled. Various programmes, clubs and camps will be run to supporting vulnerable and isolated children and young people, and barriers will be reduced for people of all ages through on going relationship building, education, basic life skills training and training for employment.

our target this year

This year we are aiming to raise £55,000 (63,000 euros) to fully support the projects outlined, initiating sustainable and long lasting transformation in the lives of hundreds of people trapped in poverty and hopelessness in the UK and mainland Europe. 

Donations received will be split across all of the projects identified in line with the amount of funding they have requested. Therefore through this appeal it is not possible for you to specify a particular project you wish to support, as your donation will be used to help support them all! If you would like to have further information or have queries regarding this, please contact Julia Miller.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to see lives transformed and people empowered to walk on pathways out of poverty.

The 2018 Pathways from Poverty Christmas Appeal Projects and their very lovely champions!

The 2018 Pathways from Poverty Christmas Appeal Projects and their very lovely champions!



If you are a part of the leadership team of a church we would encourage you to partner with us and show the appeal video at the next appropriate church meeting, then to take up an offering in aid of the appeal. The appeal video can be downloaded or streamed from Vimeo (where it is hosted).

Download slides / graphics to include in your church's visual presentations or social media

Please utilise your usual mechanisms for collecting appeal donations and claiming Gift Aid. Please then send a cheque or make an electronic payment reflecting the total money raised as outlined on our giving page.


If you represent a business or charitable organisation and feel stirred to ask your organisation to contribute to the appeal, then please use the materials available and send any donations via cheque or electronic payment as outlined on our giving page.


If you would like to contribute to this appeal, please send a cheque or electronic payment, in the ways outlined on our giving page.

We would also love as many as people as possible to get involved, so it would be great if you could help us publicise and share about the appeal with your networks & connections on social media.

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If you require any further information or resources or have any questions or queries relating to the appeal then please contact Julia Miller.