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God has said to us that we are going to achieve more in the next 20 years than many do in 50.

We are confident in what God has promised us and what he has called us to as a family. We can trust him to provide for our needs as we give sacrificially into his work.

The amount we give is between each individual and God. We are not under compulsion, but gladly share with our family out of the abundance He has given us.

We are believing that God will provide an additional £300,000 / €350,000 by the end of 2020 to help our family embrace our vision of being globally fruitful, crossing all boundaries to reach the nations, make disciples and plant locally-led churches.

Will you play your part and give financially into our mission together?


Whether you like giving to specific initiatives or giving regularly to support the whole of our family’s work - or a bit of both - there’s a place for you to play your part.

Here are some initiatives where your support right now could make a real difference:

Giving 1.png

We want to invest £40,260/€46,970 into building our global movement of explicit agreement and visible union of God’s people in extraordinary prayer, through our ENOUGH initiative. Could you help?

Giving 2.png

As part of our strategy we are releasing Maurice Nightingale to give his time to pioneering in mainland Europe. Could you help us us to raise the additional £66,450/ €77,525 we need to support this work?

Giving 3.png

We are committed to giving a portion of our income to partners and friends outside our family, like the Shaws planting in San Francisco. Would you help us to invest £30,000/€35,000 in these partnerships?



Your regular giving helps us plan and steward our resources effectively

Alongside those who can give one-off amounts to individual projects, we are looking for an army of supporters who will help us achieve our mission to plant and strengthen churches to the end of the earth through regular giving. Could you join the support crew and give £5, €5 or $5 each month to help us reach our target?

To say thank you for partnering with us in this way, we have introduced a number of partnership benefits for Grassroots Givers: exclusive updates from Mike, Maurice and Stef on how your donation is helping us achieve our family vision; discounts on selected RM events & resources and, for those who sign up before 15 November 2019, a free copy of Mike’s new book, Prayers of Many. Learn more or simply sign up today.


Envision your church and take up an offering for our mission together…

Giving 5.png

More information coming soon.

Ask God whether your church’s regular contribution should be increased. Let us know if you want to make a change.

Of every £/€ entrusted to our general funds we invest in...

Roll over each section to see the break down in pennies per pound/cents per Euro.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who do you use to make online donations?

For online transactions and donations we use Total Giving. They allow donations to be made in multiple currencies and in different frequencies. If you are a UK tax payer they will also claim back gift aid.

If we want to make contributions via a direct bank transfer how do we do this?

How do I know my money is going where I want it to?

Details on how to do this, along with gift aid forms (if you are a UK taxpayer) can be found HERE.

If you donate to a specific initiative or appeal, we make sure that every penny of your donation goes to that initiative. If you donate to general funds, we allocate your gift to where it is most needed. Proportionately this breaks down over time as illustrated in the pie chart above.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about giving to Relational Mission not answered in the FAQs then, please contact Alison