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HOW CAN YOU Pioneer?

We believe the local church is the hope of the world and that every community needs a church that displays the fullness of church life as described in the New Testament.

God has spoken to our family prophetically about reaching many nations with the gospel and we are committed to starting churches in every nation of Europe and throughout the world as God leads us. 

For example, earlier this year we shared how God has spoken to us prophetically about the Hanseatic League shaping some of our pioneering efforts. Learn more in this video.

We want to help you outwork the calling God has placed on your life and help shape what the pioneering adventure looks like for you. 


Our family has many pioneering heroes who have stepped out in faith to take the gospel to many communities across the world. We also have a number of nations that God has spoken to us about, where we are waiting for God to raise up people to lead the charge!

Find out more about all our pioneering situations 


We run a number of events and connection opportunities to help you shape your adventure and meet fellow pioneers:

These are half days of prayer for a particular pioneering situations in our family. There will be updates and information as well as lots of time to pray together and meet fellow pioneers. 2-3 of these days are run each year.

We recently held the 4 day Pioneer Conference in Malaga, Spain. We had an amazing time of quality teaching, practical equipping and inspiring times of worship and fellowship. All the media from the sessions is available, just click on the button below.

Pioneer MISSION TEAMS are short term mission teams going to church plants across Europe. You will travel with a team of like-minded people to one of our church plants, where you will help run practical and ministry based events. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the mission of the church plants and also to get a taste for the nations. 


Currently there are 2 main training opportunities (more are in development) for our pioneers outside of our events: 



If you are considering being part of the leadership team of a church plant or you have a heart to develop your skills and knowledge of pioneering then LEAD leadership training is the place to get the foundational training you will need. As part of LEAD you can choose to follow the 'Church Planting Training Track' where you will be part of the church planting huddle and take specific modules to prepare you for pioneering. 

First Phase Pioneer Training

This training is aimed at specifically equipping those pioneers who know the nation they are pioneering to and are about to enter the first phase of the journey. It will look at the early phases of church planting, i.e. preparing to go, gathering people and launching.  It will also help you explore apostolic & prophetic foundations and learn what it means to be family on a mission. This training is usually run annually on a weekend.


We are currently developing various resources to help you in your pioneering journey. We will let you know when they are available!

UpCOMING Pioneer Events

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If you are interested in Pioneering with Relational Mission please complete our Initial Enquiry Form and we will get back to you.

For general enquiries about pioneering activities and event please Contact Mark Andrews.