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A Way of Life

Relational Mission's Manifesto


A Way of Life

Relational Mission's Manifesto

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In this book Mike Betts sets out a manifesto for the 21st century church. Whether you want to know more about the Relational Mission network, or you are seeking to understand how to see the church grow into a movement in our generation, this book is invaluable.

It is packed full of hard-won and profound wisdom and principles of secure, godly, visionary leadership that will lead to multiplication and growth. Highly recommended.
— REV PAUL MACONOCHIE - USA National Team Leader of 3D Movements

About the book

The book explores what the church would be like if:

  • everyone committed to pray together, and everyone committed to share the gospel together;
  • it was marked by deep, genuine and lasting friendships, and was a place marked by love for a broken world;
  • it equipped the next generation and gave itself to starting more churches, just like this one;
  • it didn't stand apart from others, but worked in partnership with other churches for the sake of the mission;
  • it made a diligent ongoing attempt to build on New Testament values, combining word and Spirit, relationship and mission.


Mike and his team, along with a number of other contributors, have developed and shaped this book to unpack Relational Mission; to dig deeper into what it is, its foundations and values. Whilst the roots of the book come from the Relational Mission-Newfrontiers family of churches, the story and message that unfolds in the book aims to challenge and provoke everyone in the Christian community: members of local churches and leaders, as well as those looking in on Relational Mission.

RM WofL Book Cover - Small.jpg

Get your copy

Get your copy


The book is available in paperback and e-reader formats (eg Kindle) via Amazon. Just search for Mike Betts.

Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands! Koop het in pocket- of e-boekformaten.

They will also be available to buy at Relational Mission Events.


Yes, you if are looking to purchase in excess of 10 books in bulk then please Contact Us and we will get some books to you!


A key ethos behind the production of this book has been not only to explain more about Relational Mission, but also the desire to help resource and support those who are in pioneering church planting situations around the globe. Therefore, once the costs of production are covered, all remaining revenue generated will be used to produce further resources to help those pioneering for Christ in the nations.

So, when you purchase the book, not only will you get an excellent resource to read, but you will be supporting those pioneering and church planting at the same time! 


Yes, we are currently investigating translating the book into other languages, including German & Swedish.


Just email Alison, and we will do our best to answer your questions.


About the Author

About the Author

About mike...

Mike Betts leads the Relational Mission family of churches. He is an inspirational speaker with a desire to raise up many spiritual sons and daughters to be all they can be in God. He has also authored From the Inside out: A Grace-Filled Life.

Mike is married to Sue and they have a married grown up son. Mike and Sue were born and brought up in Lowestoft, UK, where Mike is part of the eldership team at Lowestoft Community Church and Sue manages a charity shop supporting Pathways Care Farm.

In his spare time Mike is a keen fly fisherman, jazz fan and Norwich City supporter. Sue enjoys making crafts and browsing antiques and collectors fairs. 

Here’s a book packed with warmth and wisdom from a leader who has put in the hard years of service. Mike’s love for Christ and His church resonate through these pages. Read and be encouraged, provoked and challenged.
— DR KRISH KANDIAH - President of London School of Theology and Founder and Director of Home for Good