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How can you empower people?

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Pathways from Poverty is an initiative we have established to help our family of churches empower people with choice.  This is about us being a church in and for a broken world. Helping local churches to empower people in both their local communities and in communities across the nations to walk free from poverty.

There are millions of people all over the world who have been dis-empowered to the extent that they do not have choices. This can come in many forms including social, economic or physical. Pathways from Poverty is not about giving out short term financial aid; it’s about helping those in our family of churches, and others we have relationships with, to demonstrate God’s heart for the poor, by creating sustainable pathways out of poverty that bring dignity and empowerment.

We are working to see the poor empowered, poverty alleviated and communities re-built, at home and across the nations. We would love to help you embrace what God is calling you to in this area.

Watch Julia Miller explain the heart behind Pathways from Poverty.

What next for you?

These are some of the ways that you can start on the road to empowering people right now:

1. Find out what's currently going on within our family of churches

There’s a lot of great work already happening across our family. This means there is a great deal of knowledge, skills and expertise available for us to share and benefit from. As a individual or local church you might feel you want to go wider in your engagement with your local community to meet the needs of more people or to go deeper with a specific group of people that God has laid on your heart, getting to know them better, to see how you can have a greater impact on their lives.

The map & directory below will help you find out what others are doing in their local community. (This map initially only covers the UK churches but more will be added in due course from across mainland Europe).

Map of community outreach activities

To get the best results from this map when using a tablet, please view in landscape orientation and click on one topic at a time.

Community Action Directory

Coming Soon

2. Get inspired about what you could do

  • Take a look at our resources page and dive into a great book or two, listen to some inspiring talks or find out about projects you could start in your church via the Jubilee+ and Cinnamon Network websites.


  • Review your current community engagement activities. You can use the questions here and see if any prompt you to look differently at what you are doing or how you are doing it. If you want to follow up any of this or have any queries, please do get in touch.


  • If you haven't done it yet, then seriously consider Booking into the Jubilee+ Annual conference - Churches that Change Communities. This year it's being hosted by Relational Mission at City Church Cambridge on Saturday 28th October 2017. One not to miss.


  • Have a read of the Pathways from Poverty Development Report. You can view it here. This lays out a plan to help churches in the Relational Mission family to move forward with their work in the local community. It includes wisdom and data from church leaders across UK and Europe and is a very valuable resource.


3. Engage with the Christmas appeals

Since 2012, the Pathways from Poverty Christmas appeals have raised money to empower people with choice from across the nations, in partnership with the sustainable initiatives of local churches.

An example of what has been achieved through some of the appeals is shown in this video.

The 2017 appeal is currently being worked on and more details will be available here later in the year.

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Want to find out more?

Contact Julia Miller if you would like some help with empowering people in your context.