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HOW can you pray?

We believe we cannot do what God has called us to do without God helping us to do it. Prayer is where we start! 

As a family we are committed to praying together to put our hope in the sufficiency of God and to call on Him to change problems far too big for us to solve without His help. Will you join the prayers of many and join us in saying ENOUGH?


There is an urgent need for us to put a stake in the ground and say, That’s it! We've had ENOUGH of the poverty, the dysfunction and the pain in our broken world. But, we also need to realise and grasp that God is ENOUGH, that he is sufficient and we do not need to go further than him to bring order and restoration to our broken world. His sufficiency is our confidence. We can come to him with big requests; requests that will see thousands of people come to know Christ.

ENOUGH is an initiative to inspire and resource local churches and individuals to increase their desire for God through worship and prayer, and to engage in prayer with vibrant emerging apostolic vision before them, in order to see lives and situations transformed and a broken world healed. This is achieved through gathering at ENOUGH hubs.

What are ENOUGH hubs?

An ENOUGH hub is a group of churches that gather for a half night of prayer at the same time as all the other hubs around the world. This happens typically 3 times a year, in March, June & November.


Across our family of churches there are a number of situations that need prayer, these are outlined below. Please join us and pray for....

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Contact Mark Andrews who looks after this area of our family life.