Our Vision

Achim, Nadine and Elisa

Achim, Nadine and Elisa

God send us to plant a new, thriving and relevant church in Brunsbüttel, Germany. As the name Hafenkirche Brunsbüttel (Haven Church Brunsbüttel) says, we are a church that can be described by the following statement:

As a church, we are a haven where anyone can dock to hand over their old cargo to Jesus, then sail into life with God's light cargo, which is love, deliverance, and empowerment, and pass this cargo on to others.

This vision enables us to bring healing and worth to people of all social classes and to shape the culture around us in a godly and healthy way. Furthermore, it serves to become a basis and role model for even more havens in the region, in our country, and all over the earth in the future.

Our story so far…

Achim Preaching

Achim Preaching

We started in the end of 2017 with a first Sunday service in our living room. Now, in July 2019, we have our own rented public room for all church activities and gather around 25 people per Sunday. It was and is an exciting adventure to plant a church with the big vision on one side and to be patient to let the things grow in the appropriate time on the other side. We are so blessed by the grace of God, that He opens each door at exactly the right time.

Prayer points

  • For more workers for the harvest in Brunsbüttel and Dithmarschen, Germany

  • To see more people saved, baptised in water, baptised with the holy spirit, and become disciples of Jesus

  • For more financial resources for the mission from 2020 on