We believe that God has called us to plant a strong Spanish speaking church in the city of Málaga, which can plant out other churches into Málaga province and the rest of Andalusia. Our hope and prayer is that, along with other churches in Spain, we can be part of a move of God that transforms this nation with the power of the gospel.

We have just arrived in Malaga to start our church planting adventure. During our first year we will focus on language learning and building relationships within the community. An integral part of the vision is to establish Spanish speaking communities and we desire for as much of our activity as possible to be in Spanish from the outset.

We currently have one couple and a family of five intending to move to join us in 2018 and another couple that wish to spend extended periods of time with us supporting us in the initial phase of church planting.

If you would like to find out more please do get in touch by email. You can also keep in touch through our facebook page. 

How to pray

Please pray for us, here are a few ideas:

  • Learning language
  • Expanding team
  • Settling the family
  • Making friends
  • Sharing the gospel

Interested in finding out more?

 Blog: https://malagachurchplant.wordpress.com/

Facebook: @RelationalMissionMalagaChurchPlant