“Our latest event on the 16th November 2018 was the best ENOUGH we have ever done,” writes Mark Andrews on the PrayersOfMany website. “We estimate that 6600 of us gathered on the night to pray. Hubs gathered in 9 countries across Africa, Europe and North America. The result was 12.5 hours of focused prayer for breakthrough on an agreed agenda. A ‘concert of prayer’ covering 8000 miles.”

You can watch the video of Mike speaking to the hubs with a message of the power of corporate prayer and it’s unique role in uprooting the work of the enemy on the PrayersOfMany website, read some feedback from the hubs, and see the distribution of numbers praying across the continents.

But here are some of your tweets from the night:

From @RmMalaga:

Tapas in Málaga before a night of prayer #ENOUGH @RMchurches

From @MartinSegal11:

Loving being in a room full of men & women hungry for God to move. So far at #Enough we’ve prayed for faith, for the impossible call of God over individuals life to become possible & for healing. That’s just in the first 2 hours. #PrayersOfMany

From @EKerk_Utrecht

Met ruim 40 mensen aan het bidden vanavond in Utrecht. Ben je er niet bij? Je hebt wat gemist! #prayersofmany

From @HopeIpswich at 9.30pm:

Still 120+ here at #Enough as we pray for 100s of people to find Jesus through our churches. Great also to pray for a team from Hope about to head into Ipswich town centre to share the love of Jesus.

From @MartinSegal11:

Great to be able to pray for these heroes of the @SheppeyPlant Love how their heart is to Love Jesus and Love the community Jesus has called them to be a part of. Believing we will hear stories of salvation, healing and advance in the next season. #Enough #Pioneer

And another from @MartinSegal11:

Now praying for the Church & particular for each church across @RMchurches to see many saved, added & baptised. May we see greater courage, obedience & fruit amongst us. #Enough #Church #PrayersOfMany

We love the creativity in prayer used by so many churches. Here’s @SamMorris84:

Starting to write our prayers for more baptisms across our churches and then placing them in the pool as an act of what we want to see! @RMchurches @EnoughPrayer #ENOUGH

And here’s @hafenkirche:

Was ein wunderschöner und kreativer Gebetsabend! Unsere Gott is treu und gut // What a wonderful and creative prayer evening! Our God is faithful and good #prayersofmany #relationalmission #hafenkirche #frankfurt #frankfurtdubistsowunderbar #frankfurtliebe #frankfurtuniversity #goetheuni #frankfurtuniversityofappliedsciences #gemeindegründung

All in all it was another wonderful time of meeting with God as a family stretched across the world. As Spurgeon put it (tweeted by John Groves on Monday):

"Somebody said that 2000 or 3000 had no more power in prayer than 2 or 3. I think that is a grave mistake in many ways… have you never noticed that when many meet together praying, warmth of desire and glow of earnestness are greatly increased." - CH Spurgeon

We’ve definitely noticed that! Come and experience it with us: 29 March 2019 is your next opportunity. Put it in your diary now, and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.