On 12 January 2019 Olly Knight and friends will be holding a one-day conference for anyone involved in worship teams in RM churches. Here Olly explains what it’s about and what you can expect:

Being part of a worship team is a great privilege. Getting to serve the church where you're based by playing or singing and looking out to see your brothers and sisters in Christ worshipping their Saviour is such an honour.

Being part of a worship team is also a big task with practices, Sunday morning set up and meetings to get to. Like a bucket being poured out, if there's no source of water to go and fill the bucket up from it'll soon run out. We see this Worship Conference as a chance to come and be filled up again. Maybe you're a singer, a musician or a worship leader that feels dry and uninspired at the moment. We want you to come and receive from God. 

There'll be opportunities to worship all together and hear from Simon Brading as he speaks about corporate worship. There'll be times to connect with other people from Relational Mission churches and there's seminars and workshops aimed at different people doing different roles in our worship teams.

The seminars in the morning will be looking at our lives and worship. There'll be topics like "Worshipping when life is tough" and "Personal devotion fuels public adoration". In the afternoon the workshops will be more practical with one for singers, one for guitarists and Anna Brading will be leading one for songwriters. 

Come and join us in Cambridge and book in here for just £10. We believe that we are called as a family of churches to something significant and something beautiful when it comes to corporate worship so let's go on the journey together. 

See you there!

To see the full list of seminars and the programme for the day - and of course to book in - click the big orange button: