What could you do with five hours? Watch a couple of football matches? Wrestle with the crowds doing your Christmas shopping? Spend time with your family? Take the gospel to the nations?

If you were convinced that investing a few hours of your time would lead to greater success of the gospel across multiple nations, would you do it?

The reality is that prayer is the key factor in the success of our pioneering efforts. It pushes back the work of the enemy, keeps us dependent on God and gives God room to guide and direct.

Your prayers will prepare the way for our next wave of pioneers

At the Pioneer prayer day on 2 December we will be praying into a number of pioneering situations that are in the conception or early preparation phase. If you join us, your prayers will prepare the way for our next wave of pioneers, there is no doubt about this. We need your help to cover these situations in prayer and ask God to guide and provide wisdom for those involved. Your prayers will make a difference as we prepare and send people into these new mission fields. 

So get booked in

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more information about these new pioneering locations. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as @RMChurches