As a family of churches God is teaching us to pray. Our ENOUGH prayer nights have helped turn the tide on corporate prayer and men and women across our family are more and more stirred to play their part in calling out to God for Kingdom advance. This was in evidence at the recent Pioneer Prayer Day in Ipswich. 

Around twenty people gave up a significant portion of their Saturday to pray for our pioneering situations in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and the room was filled with fervent faith-filled prayer. 

As we stood around a two metre wide map of Europe and the Middle East we all soaked in the scale of what God is doing among us as a family.

There was no shortage of things to pray for as updates of pioneering in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Kurdistan, Jordan and Taiwan were relayed. These were all situations where we are at the very beginning of planting a community of believers. The work in those places is in either embryonic or new born stages and so we prayed into a lot of foundational/first fruit issues.

Pioneers praying for pioneers

Pioneer prayer 2.JPG

The highlight was the international live link. For one hour in the middle of the event we linked both to Malaga in Spain and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There was something very special about this: hearts praying in union across three nations at the same time, all calling out for breakthrough and blessing on various nations across mainland Europe. 

In one sense the whole day was pioneering, as we had never tried doing that before!  

An investment of four hours that Saturday certainly resulted in ripples of God’s blessing among communities across the world where we are pioneering. 

Don't miss the next one on 21 April 2018, and join with the pioneering prayers of many.