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God will always provide for my needs

The summer of 2013 was a time where God massively showed me that he would always provide for all my needs, regardless of my external situations. In my first year of uni I had decided that I wanted to do FP Impact (a one-year course of personal development and church-based training). My discipler had done it and I’d seen how much he had grown in his relationship with God, and it just seemed like such an amazing opportunity to serve the church. So at the end of my final year I had all my plans ready for how I was going to raise the money I needed to do FP Impact. But all my plans fell through. I kept on trying but nothing worked out. More and more, it was looking like FP Impact wasn't going to happen. I explained the situation I was in to one of my friends and, out of nowhere, he gave me half the money I needed for the fees. God had provided in such a massive way! But it got to the end of the summer and I still didn’t have the other half of the money I needed. By the morning of our first day I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do the course. I went to the church offices and there was a letter addressed to me. In it was the exact amount I needed to pay the fees. I still had to find a job and accommodation for the year, but within two weeks God provided me with an awesome job, and a family from my church let me lodge with them for the entirety of the course for a really small amount of rent. This experience has made certain that God can make the impossible happen and will always provide for all our needs even, when we doubt he can.