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Living and breathing

I wanted to share my amazing testimony with you all! My name is Penny Lanning. I was born 29 weeks into pregnancy, 31 years ago, this led to many complications including severe pneumonia in both lungs. I was left with a condition called bronchiectasis and non-atypical cystic fibrosis, severe scarring in my right lung. This meant reoccurring chest infections and hospitalisation for intravenous antibiotics on a regular basis. I am under Papworth Hospital for this condition and was told I was not suitable for a lung operation to remove the damaged part of my lung, as the risks outweighed the pros. Then in July I went to newday with my youth group and had prayer on the Thursday evening with Adrian Holloway. I felt something happen and went up on the stage to share my story so far.

Just 6 days later I received the amazing news at Papworth that I was now able to have the operation to remove the most damaged part of my right lung. The operation was booked for that very September. The operation went well and last week I received the latest results from Papworth. My lung function had gone from 56% before the operation to an unbelievable 97% after. I have been hospital-free since Christmas and that was due to a secondary infection from the op. I was averaging at least one hospital stay every month prior to this. I now have all the medical letters to show the results and am excited to be sharing my testimony.