What's your story?

Once upon a time, families would gather around the meal table or the hearth in the evenings and talk, telling the stories of their days and of yesteryear. The Bible is full of stories, and in fact there's a strong biblical imperative to keep telling the stories of God's work on earth, both to glorify him and to raise our faith.

We can't all fit around a kitchen table these days, but we can continue this tradition of sharing what God is doing, through the marvels of the internet.

We want to hear and celebrate what God is doing in and through the Relational Mission family. We'd love to share those stories on the website and in the weekly newsletter, but we need your help.

So tell us your story. How has God used you in bringing his word to your friends, colleagues and neighbours? How is he working through you in your community? Where have you seen him healing you or your friends?

Don't wait for the huge revival, don't think your story is too small or too insignificant, Your steps of obedience are the tools God can use to both bring change to your situation and encouragement to others.

And don't worry if you're not the world's greatest writer, we can help with that - we'll even do the writing for you - just drop us a line at media@relationalmission.com and we'll be in touch.