Thank you for joining us at Enough
The prayers of many were rising to God's throne on Friday 7 July, as across our family of churches where more than 5000 people gathered in 13 hubs across Europe and Kenya. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, your prayers will result in change, prayer is where the action is!

Millions reached in Kenya
In Kenya, they prayed all day and into the evening and this time the event was also televised to people across the country on a station called Weru TV. Because of the broadcast Weru TV moved from just about 1,000 likes to 9,000 likes on the day of the event and the day after. And many used the live feed on facebook and also tuned into the TV station. It gave them the biggest coverage that this TV station has ever had! Millions of people....

Three healings reported so far...
One of the themes we prayed for this time was healing and reports have come back of people being healed of significant things at three of our UK hubs. If you have a testimony to share then please send us an email and we can celebrate as a family -

Your next opportunity to pray
The next event is on the 10 November, so let's keep praying and laying hold of who God is. Enough is the most important thing we are doing as a family of churches, our prayers will see fruit for many years to come.