For a little while now we have wanted to update our website.

We have now completed the first stage of this and want to share this with you!

This stage has been really been about creating a new platform, bringing across key information from our old site and reformatting it in a more accessible way for you.

Alongside this we have also added in some new information and features that we will point out to you over the coming weeks.

Over the next couple of months we will be ironing out any technical issues and further refining this site. Then we will be looking to build on the existing content and adding further features (i.e. language support, new resources, etc) that will help serve our family of churches well. 

We would love to hear your views on our new site.

Please get in touch with us highlighting what you like and what additional features / content you would like to see. Please also point out anything that is not quite working for you. We will then see what we can do to make improvements.