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ENOUGH Reasons #1

REASONS to be at Enough on the 17th March '17

God's honour is at stake. He has made many promises of who he is and what he will do. He always keeps his word. Our prayers somehow call down the blessings of his nature & character that might otherwise be withheld, So we must pray, so God is glorified.


Now 3 years down the road and ENOUGH is still the most important thing we are doing as a family of churches. This is why...

1. for the outpouring of the Spirit We need the Holy Spirit to see change in our broken world. Prayer is our only means of asking our Father to pour out his spirit on our churches so that people will be saved, the saints edified, the name of Jesus made famous, and God glorified. God's glory is at Stake!

2. for the sake of the church (of all denominations - generous spirit) There is a ground swell of corporate prayer washing over the UK and Europe. Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury), Pastor Agu Irukwu (Jesus house) and Pete Greig (24/7 prayer) are all reporting a unprecedented move towards inter-denominational corporate prayer. ENOUGH is our way to be at the very center of this, to play our part in what God is doing in his church in this generation. The glory of Jesus' bride is at stake!

3. for the sake of a broken world Every news report shouts out to us 'OUR WORLD IS BROKEN!'. Every village, town, city, nation and continent desperately needs Jesus and the healing power of his love.

Do we need any more reasons?

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