On 10 November 5,000 of us will cover our teachers and kids' workers with prayer

At our next Enough event on 10 November we are going to get behind all our teachers, church kids' workers and anyone working with children. We want to claim education for Jesus and ask the Father for an awakening to His truth, love and presence.

Teachers play a vital role in our society. They are on the frontline of helping to influence the next generation of children, often teaching them far more than the facts and figures on the curriculum, but helping them learn how to navigate life and face the challenges of our cultures. Many of them too take on a significant role in their communities, liaising with parents and dealing with issues beyond the classroom.

In many places they will be forbidden from outwardly expressing or promoting their own faith, but we believe in a God of miracles - a God who can open blind eyes and set captives free; a God who can use our small offerings, brought in faith, to bring life to many.

Join us as together more than 5,000 people gather across six nations to agree that we want God to impact our children and their education. Your prayers are important in creating the chorus of petitions that will rise to the very throne room of heaven. 

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