Over the summer RM churches in the UK and mainland Europe were given the opportunity to submit proposals to be put forward for the 2018 Christmas Appeal that would see people empowered and lives transformed. A number of churches took us up on the opportunity and the appeal panel decided in the end to shortlist five projects to be included in this year’s appeal.

All the projects focus on long term empowerment, not short term fixes and providing sustainable and long lasting transformation in people’s lives, offering them an escape from the poverty and hopelessness they are trapped in. The issues tackled range from family breakdown to mental health issues, and include several projects seeking to empower people to find their way out of different aspects of financial and relational poverty

The appeal launches next Friday, 16 November, when you’ll be able to watch the video, share it with your church, and start to plan your offering.

But there’s no time like the present! Ask the Lord to guide you as to how much you should give this year, and ask him to bless and encourage all our churches who are following his mandate to serve the poor.