We are all called to be the Lord's witnesses, in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria...and the back streets of Maidstone! Rhonda shares her story of how God orchestrated an opportunity for her to witness to someone at her point of deepest need:

A meeting in Maidstone

I'm so excited about what God did today that I have to share it.

I was running late to a meeting I had in Maidstone. On my way in I asked God to please give me an opportunity to pray for someone.

I made it into the city centre and got a bit lost looking for the address. I parked in a dead end road, but wasn't sure if I could park there, so looked around for someone to ask. I saw a lady in her car on her phone; usually I wouldn't interrupt, but I did, tapping on the window. She rolled it down and I asked her if she knew about the parking. She said she wasn't sure.

I noticed she had been crying and asked her if she was OK. I told her I was a Christian and would love to pray with her if she wanted me to after her call was over. She said 'Yes, thanks'. I said I would walk around and come back in a bit, and if she was still there I would pray for her. When I came back, 15 minutes later, she was gone.

Driving around searching for a car park, I found one I had never seen before, parked up and walked into the shopping centre attached. I was running to my appointment when I looked into a shop and guess who was there? Diana, the lady I had just met!

I went up to her and said 'Hello again'. We were both shocked. She started pouring her heart out: she is 31 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer a month before her child was born. It has spread to her lymph glands and bones and she came all the way from London for a brain CT scan in Maidstone.

I shared with her about God and Jesus and how it wasn't a coincidence we met. I felt like God wanted her to know that He had not forgotten her, that He loves her and is real. She then got emotional and I prayed for her in the middle of the shop. She was overwhelmed, and told me that she has just started following a guy on the internet who is a Christian and has been healed from cancer by Jesus and is sharing his story and keys to breakthrough. It was day two and this morning he had been talking about how God is real and wants to reveal Himself. She said 'I am an atheist but I prayed this morning and said if you are real then show me.' Then here we were! We both jumped up and down in awe of God. 

I took her contact details so I could link her up with some believers near where she lived. Please pray for her salvation and for her miraculous healing.

Over to you

What opportunities has God given you recently to minister his love to those who need it most? This was just a simple conversation, sparked by Rhonda asking God for someone to pray with, then paying attention to the people around her. What might happen if you prayed the same way?