Thursday night: tickets sorted, bag packed …thinking, what on earth are we doing? An invite to help out at the Risen Light Helsinki 'Supernatural' Church Conference had popped into our inbox a few weeks before.  We just knew we had to go, so we booked!

And here we were, on the verge of going; realising we had never been to Helsinki, knew maybe one other person there and we weren’t that sure of where we were staying or what the weekend involved. When Grantley Watkins said 'our strongest regrets are not in respect of the things we have done but are in respect of the things we have not done', everything was put into perspective.

The weekend was great!

From the off, we walked alongside fantastic brothers and sisters in Christ who had come together from across Europe to serve the Church in Helsinki. I just know that amazing friendships were formed and that we will be seeing a lot of each other in the future. Risen Light Church in Helsinki is great. What a warm welcome we had. Those folks are so hospitable and they took care of every detail.  They are heroes.

The conference was led by Grantley and Floss Watkins. They modelled a joint ministry so well and it was great to be with them for a whole weekend.  We had teaching on living in a culture of signs and wonders.  We heard how to handle disappointment.  We heard incredible and mind-boggling testimonies.  We prayed for healings…saw healings.  God spoke in incredible ways.

We laughed, we cried, we worshipped, we ate well and then we did it all again.

We laughed, we cried, we worshipped, we ate well and then we did it all again.  God just continued to amaze us.

So, with new boldness and a strong sense of God's calling over us, we took our return flight to the UK.

Why had we gone?  Now we know!
Would we do it again?  Yes.
Any regrets?  None!


- Jeff and Jayne Warin



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