Did you ever read those 'Choose your own adventure' books as a kid? You would read the first part of the story, in which you were the main character then decide which route to take at critical points of the journey - down the tunnel or up to the tower? To row away by boat or hide in the cave? Every choice you made led you on a new, exciting adventure.

And we have just such a choice for you (if you're a leadership-stream delegate at the COURAGE conference, that is*).

On the Saturday at COURAGE, you get to choose your own adventure for the second session (between 11:30 and 13:00). One of the options is already fully booked, but there are plenty of spaces on the other two. You do need to book in advance of the conference, though, to get your ticket, so plan your adventure now:

Here's the scenario:

You have finished the morning session and caught up with the Sent delegates over coffee. As 11:30 approaches, you check the ticket in your delegate pack. Does it say:

Go to prayer rooms


Pray for the next generation?

Prayer rooms

Sarah Ellis and Mark Andrews have come up with some wonderfully creative ideas to transform the seminar rooms into prayer spaces where you can pray for some of the key focuses of RM's work - for our family, for our pioneering vision and for a renewed spiritual awakening across our nations. For the next 90 minutes you will be guided through and around the three rooms, praying, worshipping and hearing from God about the things that are on his heart.

Pray for the next generation

If you choose this option, you will get to join in with the Sent delegates for their worship and to listen to the message from Tom Scrivens, but most importantly you will then have the opportunity to pray with this rising generation for the works God wants to do in their lives and the plans he wants to accomplish through them. This is an amazing opportunity to bless, encourage and build into our students and twenties, and we expect to see incredible fruit from your prayers in the years to come.

Where will your adventure take you? Only you can decide...

* NOTE:  If you missed out on the online booking there's still time to buy tickets, by contacting events@relationalmission.com