In our next ENOUGH prayer night, on 29 June, we will be praying for two specific groups of people - our police forces and our business leaders. In their different ways, both of these groups are setting out to bring godly order to our broken world, whether through maintaining peace and justice or through demonstrating kingdom values through working practices and stewardship of resources. Learn more below, and join us at your nearest hub from 6pm BST.

Prayer for our police forces

In June 2014, Marie Reavey, a serving police officer in Norfolk, UK, had a vision about God transforming the lives of offenders through the church. Since then God has opened a an extraordinary door for Marie. She is about to start a role with the UK police connecting churches and the police across the nation. God is placing his people in positions of influence to see his Kingdom come. 

On 29 June at our ENOUGH night Marie will be sharing with us her passion for God to awaken communities and transform lives. In addition, we will be praying for the police officers that serve our local communities, thanking God for the role they play everyday in protecting us and keeping the peace that each of us enjoy. 

The police are dealing daily with the brokenness in our communities. When you look at your local news, you may often wonder, What can I do to help? Well, this is your chance. Corporate prayer confronts brokenness head on and calls down the blessing of God on the situations and people. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to join the prayers of thousands across Europe and Africa as we seek blessing, protection and success for our police. 

Praying for leadership in church and business

In our churches we have a wealth of experience, creativity and insight among our church and business leaders. As a family we are committed to seeing every leader step into their full potential for the Kingdom. On 29 June we will all be praying together for those in our churches that lead teams and businesses. If that is you, we want to bless and encourage you in your calling.

We will also be calling on God to provide business opportunities that serve and support our pioneering and church planting across the nations. Business creation that supports church planting is a win-win solution. In many of the nations jobs are hard to come by and people are leaving to find work in other places. Local businesses can make a significant difference by keep people in the church and the profits can be used to support church planters so they can focus on building and establishing strong foundations. This is ‘Kingdom Business’ and we believe it has a big role to play in the future stability and growth of our church plants.

Join us on 29 June to pray for these things and together we will see the blessings of God poured out onto the situations we bring to him.