If you are a Christian and a business leader, alongside the pressures of budgets, bottom lines, forward planning, staff management and wise decision-making generally, you also have the added pressure of seeking God's kingdom and seeing it grow through your life and your business - no small calling!

RM Business Link seeks to equip business leaders and entrepreneurs to carry out this task, and to see churches and businesses walking together along this road.

They do this through meetups where leaders at different stages of their journey can encourage and mentor each other in how to live for the Kingdom through their business life.

RM Business Link also has a vision to find ways to encourage businesses to support pioneers across Europe.

Watch the video to learn more, and please support RM Business Link in your prayers.

Ways to pray:

  • For the conference on 3 October

For those in business:

  • That God would bless them financially and with growth
  • For great opportunities to show generosity
  • For great connections across the business world

For more information, visit rmbusinesslink.com