From September our weekly e-newsletters will have a fresh, new look (not quite like the one pictured!).

They will still contain news articles, focuses on the different areas of our mission together, updates from our family around the world, and links to resources, events, and people/situations to pray for. They will just look a little different and, importantly, be sent out via MailChimp.

If you signed up to the newsletter in the big GDPR changeover OR if you signed up via our website after that time, you don't need to do anything else - your name is already on our MailChimp list and everything should run smoothly.

However, if you have signed up since 25 May 2018 AND did so through Revue (eg by clicking 'subscribe me' at the bottom of an existing newsletter), you should have received an email from us with a link asking you to sign up to the new list. We cannot legally simply transfer your address across, but need you to sign up again.

If you haven't received that email, or want to sign up for our newsletters for the first time (welcome!), please click the button below and then click the 'Subscribe Now!' button on the page it takes you to. (You can also read our Privacy Policy on that page.)