A year ago the UK-based debt and money advice charity CAP (Christians Against Poverty) was approached by a BBC film crew creating a documentary about UK destitution. Fast forward to Friday, 5 October and it will be airing on one of the UK’s core TV stations, BBC2, in the prime-time slot of 9pm!

Called ‘The Debt Saviours’, the hour-long programme follows the lives of some very brave clients and incredible frontline workers. It profiles the work of the UK Church in caring for the poor and rescuing people from debt across the UK.

Several of our churches in the UK partner with CAP to tackle poverty in their communities, through debt advice, job clubs and other help. The CAP model is to be very clear about its Christian motivation, and its volunteers are always upfront about their faith, offering to pray with clients and inviting them into Christian community as appropriate.

Your prayers are vital as we need God’s covering on this thing – it’s massive!
— John Kirkby, CAP founder

John Kirkby, the founder of CAP, says, “Over two million people from local communities are going to see the transformation that CAP and the UK Church are bringing to people’s lives. Can you imagine what could happen as people witness the real hope and community that our amazing clients have found in Christ and their local churches? Your prayers are vital as we need God’s covering on this thing – it’s massive!”
This Sunday, 30 September, will you stand with us in prayer for this opportunity? 

We have emailed your elders asking them to consider leading the church in praying corporately for the viewers, staff, volunteers and clients, but here are some other ideas for how you can pray individually:

Pray that:

  • As many people as possible watch the documentary

  • The documentary would spark conversations around faith and encourage people to connect with their local church

  • People would be inspired to get involved in supporting and partnering with us to start up their own CAP services locally

  • Those watching who are struggling with debt, poverty and its causes would find the courage to seek the help they need

  • The brave clients featured in the programme would know the impact they’re having by sharing their personal stories

  • Churches would be energised and inspired in their outreach to the poor

  • God would be glorified through this amazing opportunity

There are more resources, and a short video, on the CAP website.