Mark Andrews shares some reflections and feedback from the recent inspiring, refreshing, challenging, encouraging - even life-changing - Pioneer Conference.



The conference this year was held in partnership with New Ground - one of the other families of churches (spheres) we are connected with in Newfrontiers. This was really breaking new ground, for two of the Newfrontiers to collaborate in this way and Maurice and Dave Holden (the leader of New Ground) were very encouraged with the result. They felt the partnership worked well because it had a focused theme (church planting) and looked at some of our shared values - things from the Newfrontiers DNA that we all hold dear.

One huge benefit of being cross-spheres was the opportunity for pioneers from across the world to meet and connect with a wider range of church planters. One delegate wrote on their feedback form that it was “a great place to get inspired by others who are pioneering in lots of different places.”

There was a real sense that God was in control and was bringing through themes and words that were what people needed to hear.

An added bonus of holding the conference in Malaga was that the Spanish culture works so well for this kind of conference: the meals are 9pm onwards, so you can have sessions all through the day then enjoy the alfresco dining that goes on into the evening. It was really refreshing for many church planters.

We asked people on their feedback forms to tell us what they would say to someone who might be thinking of coming next time. Here are just a few of the replies:

These Pioneer conferences have been incredibly powerful and life shaping for me and my family and personally, I would do everything I could to make it to the next one.
The Pioneer Conference connected me to both the big picture and to the amazing men and women who are giving their lives to see churches planted across the world. I loved it.
It is absolutely worth the trip because attending stirs you into thinking more widely than only your local church and gives you a better picture of what God is doing worldwide. The connections I made will encourage me to intercessions for the people who have the lost at heart in other nations.
I am uber excited I attended this life transforming, passion for mission igniting conference. In an atmosphere saturated with the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of His gifts, I met the most amazing and loving people ever. Even though it was my first time, the bond, connection, intercession, worship, friendliness, encouragement and support was unmatched. I’m fired up for God’s mission.
This conference was so empowering and inspiring. Some on our team called it ‘life-changing’. The whole format of the conference was exactly what we, as a team and as a church plant, needed to hear.
You should come! It’s a great chance to take time away from the busyness of your normal life, to give time and space to what God might say to you about your current situation or potential future ones. It’s also wonderful to hear the stories of pioneers in completely different situations to you - the victories, challenges and everything in between; and makes you thankful for all God has done and is doing where you are, as you share your story.
If you are reading this, then you might just be thinking about Pioneering, even if its very early in your journey.....just come to this conference, it will give you a great insight into what Pioneering is really about for normal folks ….not just the heroes.


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