Hands up if you remember the COURAGE conference?

(Well done if you actually did raise your hand. Bonus points if you did it in a public place and are now having to explain…!)

Would you believe it was almost a year ago now? It was a wonderful time, with some excellent worship, powerful prayer and brilliant teaching (and fantastic facial expressions!).

But we don’t want it just to have been a great experience with no real lessons learned. And so today we are launching a brand new initiative called…


What are acts of courage?

The dictionary defines courage as “The ability to do something that frightens one.” This means acts of courage are accessible to everyone. What frightens you might not be the least bit scary to me, but what frightens Mike Betts might be a walk in the park for you. You don’t need to compare yourself to the courageous deeds of others. All you need to do is to listen out for God.

What is he asking you to do?

What do you do when you hear that whisper or that inner voice, when you feel that nudge or that thumping heart? Stepping out, speaking up, praying, acting, whatever you do next that takes courage, that right there is your act of courage. It could be…

  • Praying out loud in church for the first time #prayersofmany

  • Inviting someone at church who you don’t know very well round for a meal #arealfamily

  • Revealing to your colleagues that you go to church #everyoneawitness

  • Encouraging a younger believer in their walk #raisingsonsanddaughters

  • Exploring whether God is calling you to pioneer somewhere #startingnewfamilies

  • Speaking out on an area of injustice #achurchforabrokenworld

  • …or anything else that you hear God prompting you to do for him.

For some, it might simply be having the courage to listen for his voice for the first time, or to go to church when you’ve been hurt or are struggling.

Get involved

We are inviting you to join our family in performing hundreds of #ActsofCourage not just for their own sake, but to further God’s Kingdom.

Your church should soon be holding an RM Sunday where more details will be revealed, and where you’ll be given fancy cards to record your #ActsofCourage on to encourage us all and give glory to God.

But if you just can’t wait - go you! - you can check out the dedicated Acts of Courage page on our website now for more information and ideas, and send us the stories of your #ActsofCourage through this online form or on social media.

Let’s rise up, take courage and do it!