Over the coming weeks we will be setting you occasional #ActsofCourage challenges. The first is to listen to God.

How do we listen? First and foremost, we listen to the God-breathed Word (2 Tim 3:16-17). We also hear God speak through prophetic words brought to us by his people, and tested against his Word and his character (1 Thess 5:20-22), and through the godly wisdom of wise counsellors.

But how can we learn to hear him ourselves? On our Acts of Courage pages we have included the recording of a seminar Mike Bollinger gave at Newday 2018 in which he taught the young people some simple practices and exercises to help them learn or grow in this skill. If you need help to get started, an encouraging refresher, or a good resource to pass on to others, check it out.

If you're more confident, try asking him 'Where do I need courage in my life?' and ask him to help you work on the area/s he reveals.

As you take your steps of courage, don't forget to share with a friend, with your church or with us as you feel able.