How long would it take you to piece together the full story of Scripture? Where does Jesus fit in it all? And how about you? Sign up to LEAD, and you will get clear, helpful teaching on it over the course of two years. And if you start in August 2019 you’ll be able to begin at the beginning, which is always helpful. Dan Hayter explains more:

A major part of the LEAD curriculum is walking through the whole story of Scripture over 2 years. In March, our second-year students finished this process by spending a day looking at the book of Revelation (current first year students will get to work through the Old Testament next year). This part of the course is done over eight Saturdays (with a final Saturday on Church History coming up in June).

The main idea behind this part of LEAD is to help students grasp the overarching story of Scripture, see how Jesus is the climax of the whole story, and understand how they fit into that story. Knowing how the whole thing fits together really does make a difference to the way we live. Over two years we break the story into the following chunks:

  • The First Five Books (the Pentateuch)

  • The Conquest and the Crown (Joshua to United Kingdom)

  • The Kingdom Split up, the People Spewed out (Division to Exile)

  • From Exile to Expectation (Exile and Return)

  • Four Accounts of one Story (the Gospels)

  • Apostles and Epistles 1 (Acts, Paul and James)

  • Apostles and Epistles 2 (Hebrews – Jude)

  • Apostles and Epistles 3 (Revelation)

Unlike the altogether 3-day weekends (where all 100ish students are in the same room) these Saturdays take place in the three local bases, so it gives opportunity for a lot of interaction during the days. I have had the privilege of teaching this material in the Norwich and Maidstone bases, and Simeon Dry has been doing an outstanding job teaching it at the Cambridge base. It has been such a highlight to hear, both in conversation and in reading feedback, how students are growing in their love for God's word and how they are looking to apply it in their lives.

This is just one of the things that helps make LEAD such a helpful foundational leadership course. You can find out more information about the course and sign up at Can I encourage you: if you are a leader in any area (whether church, business or community) LEAD is for you. Why don't you sign up to join us beginning this August?